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BB Dashie the Shiba Inu mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: BB Dashie
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female Breed: Shiba Inu mix
Home: Easley, South Carolina, USA
   BB Dashie (I like to just call her Dashie) is my uber excitable, playful, and hyper little Shiba Inu mix(at least that's what she looks like to me. I've seen other Shiba Inu mixes on the internet and tv that look just like her. It's just a theory though.). My parents poke fun at her because of her really long legs, but she uses them to gracefully hop over any obstacle in her path. She loves to play fetch, but sometimes she doesn't quite bring the ball back. Currently, the only tricks she knows are sit and speak.

     Some people see little dogs as "ankle biters" but Dashie is far from an ankle biter. She's more of a hair puller and ear nibbler. But she does it all in fun.

     We got her at a thrift store (sounds silly doesn't it?). This man had a whole litter of cute adorable little puppies. But when I picked up my little Dashie, it was love at first sight. The 'BB' part of her name is a tribute to a dog we had when I was little, named Baby Bear. The 'Dashie' part was my idea.

     Dashie loves my two cats, Sweetie and Simba. Simba attempts to ignore her. He's not a dog-loving type. But Dashie and Sweetie go at it sometimes and it's funny to watch them wrestle. I love her very much!

BB Dashie the Shiba Inu mix, the Dog of the Day

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