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Missy the Greyhound
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Missy the Greyhound, the Dog of the Day
Name: Missy
Age: Three and a half years old
Gender: Female Breed: Greyhound
Home: Woodbury, Minnesota, USA
   A while ago our dog Bruce was Dog of the Day. Well, time went on, and Bruce, who raced as Bruce Almighty, died when he was more than thirteen years old, which for a Greyhound is quite a long life. But we needed another dog so we could be happy again, and we went to Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption, and that was where we met Missy. And not only did Missy make us happy, but our son and my husband's brother, and friends with retired racing greyhounds are happy to have her visit in their homes. She is our little girl.

     Missy was registered as JT Miss Me, hence her name is now Missy. She had 57 races, all at Daytona Beach, Florida. Her last race was on November 11, 2014. We adopted her on October 6, 2015 and she has never looked back. When we can't find her downstairs, she will be on one of the three beds upstairs and sleeping on the pillows. She also loves everyone, and we were told that she's a real foodie. The first day she lived with us, I put my husband's and my lunch on the dining room table, and sure enough when I went to bring more food, the herring and chocolate were already gone. Well, as you know, chocolate is not good for dogs, so we phoned Missy's doctor, and he said that one piece of chocolate wouldn't hurt her because of her size. And fortunately, she's never taken any of our food ever since.

     And speaking of her loving everyone, she would like a chance to "love" one of the squirrels that come to our yard. So now when she's in our garden, she has a lead on so the squirrels can keep on living.

     Now all I can say is that we just love her to pieces.

Missy the Greyhound, the Dog of the Day Missy the Greyhound, the Dog of the Day Missy the Greyhound, the Dog of the Day Missy the Greyhound, the Dog of the Day

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