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TaunTaun, the Dog of the Day
Name: TaunTaun
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male Breed: Pomeranian
Home: Auburn, Alabama, USA
   This is my Pomeranian named TaunTaun, he was rescued puppy mill dog. He came to us from a home where he was beaten, his nails were so overgrown he could barely walk, and sadly he had heartworms, as well as kennel cough and pneumonia. We took him to the vet, and the outlook was very bleak. We got him through the kennel cough and pneumonia. We took a five-pound (2.3kg) weakling and put an amazing 5.5 pounds (2.5kg) on him. He was playing and happy, and even able to walk/ru again, which was great!

    Now it was time for us to deal with the heartworms. We decided to go with the rapid heartworm kill. This entails eight weeks of laying around and unable to play. The vet tried to tell us to kennel him for this, but under the circumstances, since I'm in a wheelchair & bed bound, plus the fact he was from a puppy mill, we were able to just keep him laying quietly beside me for those eight weeks.

    I'm happy (elated) to announce - TaunTaun is heartworm free! HE'S 100% HEALTHY & in training to become my second therapy/assistant dog along with his brother Wookiee. Both dogs are extraordinary animals. They've rescued me instead of me rescuing them. They've truly saved MY life.

    I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and seizures as well. Wookiee is seizure sensitive and warns me before one happens so I can get to safety, and TaunTaun is starting to learn this as well. He guards me now after I've had a seizure and keeps people away until I've had a chance to fully awaken. He usually lays upon my chest (if Wookiee allows), and if not, TaunTaun will lay beside me and lick my face until I wake up.

    I could not think of my life without either one of these outstanding dogs.

TaunTaun, the Dog of the Day
TaunTaun, the Dog of the Day

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