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Zrak, the Dog of the Day
Name: Zrak
Age: Deceased, Eight years old
Gender: Male Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Home: South Africa
   Zrak was my best friend who died suddenly of Cancer. He loved me very much, and I love him too! I miss him badly! He was with me always. Zrak was very, very affectionate and liked cuddling. He was very intelligent as well.

    When the washing machine stopped washing, he started barking and telling me that we must go out to put the washing on the line. (He did this every time!) At 22h (10pm) every day he used to climb the stairs and look at me, because it was "sleepy time." He loved eating bananas. He used to takes the fruits from the table, then peeled them with precision while eating the delicious part.

    I am a doctor in ER and sometimes I have to work at night. When I was not coming home he refused to eat and was just lying and being sad. He always waited for me to come home and when I did, that was the happiest time for both of us. He had a friend another GSD Epsilon (another male) whom he loved dearly as well.

    He was very energetic and loved running around and chasing the birds. Zrak loved chasing the ball and playing with Epsilon. When he wanted to play he used to grab something in his mouth and wanted us to chase him. He had eyes of a human and seemed to understand everything we talked to him.

   I really miss him, though I have Epsilon and Alechko whom I love dearly as well.

   I will always love him.

Zrak, the Dog of the Day
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Zrak, the Dog of the Day
Zrak, the Dog of the Day
Zrak, the Dog of the Day
Zrak, the Dog of the Day

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