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Zoé, the Dog of the Day
Name: Zoé
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female Breed: Golden Retriever
Home: Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
   I present to you our beautiful Zoé! She is a young Golden Retriever who is now sixteen months old.

    When she arrived among us, she was ten weeks old. Our eyes could not believe it, but from her first moments of exploration in her new home she dragged the bath mat into the living room. She was very small but with a strong jaw. We laughed at the start of this event ... just the start.

    Shortly after she joined us, we quickly realized the need to find a way to get her exercise. She is hyperactive, so movement and play will be part of everyday life. Zoé is very curious and she observes a lot. Anything that flies over her head catches her eye. Planes flying, kite-flying, the balloons, helicopters, birds, butterflies, etc.

    We can also say that there is Noah's Ark, but we now have the Ark of Zoé. From our patio, her pretty brown eyes are often placed on the feeder our neighbor has that attracts birds, chipmunks, squirrels. She will sit end of our patio, and can take several minutes without blinking ... to observe their movement.

    Zoé is a dog who is very adaptable. From a very early age, due to her hyperactivity, we had to find activities that suit her. Walking in our neighborhood and on trails is not enough for Zoé. No, she loves to run. We her masters devote time to walk miles weekly to ensure she expends ample energy.

    Zoé's greatest pleasure its to catch her frisbee. Zoé's frisbee, that's half of her life! Besides the time she goes to daycare during the weekend, she spends most of her time with a Frisbee in her mouth. This is one of the first toys she got when she was young.

    She attends two dog daycare centers; one for weekends when we work, and she likes to go there. It's a party as soon as she arrives. Often there are friends waiting to play with her, and that is the beginning of a beautiful weekend. Also, during the week she attends a different daycare where she can enjoy a swimming pool. Needless to say, she is constantly in the water, she loves the water.

    During her last visit, they told us Zoé has amused his friends' dogs. She had fun making "pet therapy" with her friends. It was she who amused the other dogs.

    Some special features about Zoé, one is that she likes to rest with her legs crossed in front.

    Zoé loves car rides, I take this opportunity to make her experience different smells of the countryside, where we will look for his dad at work. She will see and small horses, cows, sheep, etc.

    When she was little, she leaned in the back of the car and looked out over the tailgate. In my rearview mirror, I take advantage of this beautiful moment that I have with her during our car trips. Often people who stopped behind us were sending hand signals, or little smiles. That did not impress Zoé at all!

    According to the owner of the weekend daycare place, Zoé has seen and experienced many things during her first year.

    Zoé bring us an easy happiness ... we could not do without it now.

   Long life to you our beautiful Zoé! Xxxx

Zoé, the Dog of the Day
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Zoé, the Dog of the Day
Zoé, the Dog of the Day
Zoé, the Dog of the Day

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